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Interior finishing works

Drywall installation; Wall and ceiling insulation; Decking & Stairs; Custom integrated ceiling systems; Noise absorption and reduction; Interior painting and special coating; Surface smoothing; Flooring installation; Drop ceiling installation; Demountable glass partitions; Traditional and sliding doors; Glass cubicles; Toiler partitions; Demolition, and other custom services.

Exterior finishing works

Facade insulation; Siding; Plastering; Decorative Plastering; Plaster reinforcing; Face plates installation; Roofing; Windows; Hydro-insulation works; Exterior tile works; Facade panels installation; Facade smoothing; Wall Painting, and other custom services.

Residential Hus


Residential Hus

Exterior and interior finishing works of a residential house

Roof renovation


Roof renovation

Roof renovation project for a farm building in Farstad

Leilighets kompleks Damlia


Leilighets kompleks Damlia

Apartment complex Damlia - four-apartment residential house in Byåsen, Trondheim

Surnadal School


Surnadal School

School building in Surnadal

Let's connect and work together on your project

Co-operation process

Communication with Carling Bygg team

Have you been planning any internal and external construction works? Do you require a restoration or renovation of a building? The first step towards the goal is to write to us. Whatever is a goal - we'll help you get there.

Price proposal for a construction services

After successful communication between you and our team, in a few days we will prepare a transparent and easy-to-understand price offer for the necessary construction works.

Conclusion of the contract

By accepting our attractive price offer for a construction services, we enter into a legal agreement to ensure shared protection in the partnership process.

Construction work process

The construction work is divided into stages after ordering and receiving the necessary building materials, and has been completed in 1 to 3 months, depending on the specifics and size of the project.

Long-term partners

You will receive a building project approval form after the construction work is completed. If the cooperation is successful, our construction team will move on to the next project, remaining with you as long-term partners and offering up to 5-year guarantee on our construction services and materials.

Reviews of our
construction work

Some of the best people share their experience.

Team you can count on

I've been worked with Carling team since 2009. Carling has been a critical partner to me in the development of my projects (new houses, cabins and renovation projects). Their team of workers, managers and their support and efficiency can't be rivaled by any other contractor I've worked with over the past 20 years. They are dedicated, professional, through, accommodating, responsive, hardworking, and committed to finish the projects with a high level of quality and efficiency! I'm always relieved when I know I'll be working with Carling, because I know that they'll act as an ambassador for my interests and never let me down. I'm confident my projects wouldn't be as successful without our partnership with Carling.

Kristian Mossing

Great partners

We at Byggmakker Surnadal AS have been suppliers of goods to Carling for several years, a collaboration that has worked very well. Well organized orders and good communication all the way.

Bjørn Ranheim, Byggmakker Surnadal AS

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